What's new

Version 1.98 (08 May 2022)
- Multiple virtual lists, no need for frequent import/export
- Add all students to the virtual list from any table
- Student tags in the quick window, attendance report, transport, fee report
- ‘Excluded’ and ‘AND logic’’ tags filtering
- Comprehensive staff attendance report with late entry/early exits minutes day-wise and month-wise
- Auto-switching of ‘dark’ and ‘light’ mode as per device preference
- Transport-wise attendance report with summary and details

Version 1.97 (26 Apr 2022)
- Udise reports implemented
- List out new admissions
- Virtual list wise fee report
- Siblings report
- Custom fee receipts can be auto printed
- Two new follow-up types implemented - Attendance, Misc.
- Absentee report to print or send SMS/WhatsApp

Version 1.96 (19 Apr 2022)
- Fee analysis improvement, admin can change fee amount and date directly
- Send automatic SMS or voice calls to parents of absent students
- Staff salary, deductions and pay slip implemented
- Allot a task to multiple staff at once
- Weekdays wise schedule implemented

Version 1.95 (05 April 2022)
- Fee analysis improvement
- Attendance improvement
- You should upgrade your session to 2022-23 to collect the fee for the new session
- You can change the class of a student during the session upgrade or you can do it later also as per your choice
- if you have already upgraded your session then check the session upgrade tutorial(from slide no. 19 onwards) again to set up 'Individual data backup' for the new session.

Version 1.94 (24 Mar 2022)
- The session can be upgraded to 2022-23
- Exam evaluation improvement for speed
- WhatsApp web local integration to send automatic messages
- Many minor improvements
- New templates for Marksheet/ report cards

Version 1.93 (11 Jan 2022)
- Improvement in follow-ups
- Quickly view of due fee of siblings in fee report for better follow-up
- Tracking set route wise fee report available now
- Exams evaluated indication is section-wise now

Version 1.92 (28 Nov 2021)
- Quick discount allotment to a student by ‘Admin_power’
- Bulk fee allot/delete to students of virtual list
- Live indication for students belonging to the current virtual list
- Add all currently shown students to the virtual list
- Cheque book improvement

Version 1.91 (12 Nov 2021)
- Add/remove bulk tags from the ‘Bulk actions’ menu
- Add students to the virtual list quickly by ‘Alt+click’ on the name
- Remove a student from tracking-set/transport directly from the profile
- Export/import virtual list to reuse or resume any work