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What is School ERP software?

School ERP system stands for Enterprise resource planning which means to create an effective plan on how to use the available resources efficiently, School ERP software can handle the administrative tasks with ease resulting in reducing manpower and paperwork which directly helps us in cost-saving and enhancing the productivity of the management staff.

School ERP system software can act as a bridge between the parties involved directly in the school environment and provide better connectivity between the Principal, Teachers, Parents, students, administrative staff, and most importantly your stakeholders, using school ERP platform everyone can check the available, upcoming tasks and events and can easily connect via direct messaging.

Thanks to school ERP software, teachers can now spend more time on their students and continue the development of their teaching credentials. Parents can stay updated with how their child is doing in class and how well they're growing in certain areas. An administrator will be able to keep track of all of these things at once instead of dealing with paper forms or other different types of record-keeping when it comes to student progress.

Principals can oversee and manage all the action that is being performed inside and outside of the school premises during the course of a school day, from attendance tracking to online payment acceptance. A comprehensive educational resource management software lets them do it all by putting systems in place to handle these tasks in an efficient manner. The goal is to streamline the functioning of a school environment, thus improving the overall quality of education. Modern tools using cloud computing, machine learning, and data analytics make an educational resource management system an effective way to protect sensitive information through user-granular access control while transmitting actionable recommendations back to decision-makers who can take appropriate steps immediately.

Why schoolonApp’s Cloud-based school ERP system software?

Gone are those days when schools had to maintain lots of paperwork every year, maintain staff, and needed extra manpower, modern schools are now using the latest tech-based advanced school ERP systems that change the whole idea of pen and paperwork, with the SchoolsOnapps’s free ERP system the required piece of information is just a click away.

A school ERP software is software that can be used in a classroom or in a school to create complete and comprehensive digitization by providing the school with a single dashboard for managing the tasks. This ERP software contains certain features like sending important news and events to stakeholders, giving access to information from everywhere and at any time, generating receipts and report cards, etc. A school system using this can manage tasks better by integrating them across all departments. Moreover, many bits of help are available such as an increase in collaboration between stakeholders, awareness of attendance records, and most importantly enhanced communication means a better experience of parents and students towards the performance of teachers. It provides an effective solution to modern digital campus issues.

Benefits of using school ERP system software?

Online admission - With the provided online School ERP system, parents can fill out the online form and can complete the online admission process from around the world. If needed parents can also submit any required documents or can download the document with a click.

Attendance record - The SchoolOnApps’s ERP system enables users to check the attendance of their ward from their home. The system notifies the parents if the student is abstained from school or has not reached school at all, with the school ERP software parents can submit the leave application, without being physically present in the school.

Cloud-based storage - The data in the school ERP is stored on the latest highly secure cloud server, which enables users to access data from anywhere around the world, cloud-based ERP system reduced the paper and pen work, thus acts as a cost saver.

Fees management - SchoolonApp’s integrated fees management system lets parents deposit fees using an online medium and directly reflects on the ERP system, also parents can choose from provided easy EMI options and get notifications for the due fees, late payments.

School bus tracking using GPS - All the school transport vehicles like buses, cabs, etc. can be integrated Into the School ERP system software using a GPS system and can easily be tracked by parents and school administration, with the smart notification system parents gets an instant notification on safely reaching schools.

Hotel and Library management - School administration can easily manage library and hostel using smart ERP
system, library cards can be integrated with the school ERP system and can keep the track of the issued books, the due date for book deposit, and the number of books issued per card. With the hostel card, parents can request hostel leaves and deposit fees online.

Academic scheduler and planner - With the help of our school management software ERP system teachers and administrative staff can plan exam dates, cultural and sports events. This helps in reducing efforts and connecting parents and teachers for the upcoming events.

Staff payroll management - The Payroll management system not only helps schools in paying teaching and non-teaching staff but also helps in tracking expenses for the schools which then helps in paying taxes and EPFO filings.

Results and report cards - Our exam & results module facilitates the creation of report cards that adhere to school guidelines, thus making future communication easier. Report cards can be viewed via a mobile phone, which reduces the need for parents to travel unnecessarily. Furthermore, an in-depth analysis will give key insight into strengths and weaknesses for students.

Data backup and Security - The school ERP software uses an encrypted method to transfer data between the server and school devices, all the data is stored in a highly secured cloud storage which can be accessed by authorized staff only. The ERP system also keeps an automatic data backup system that backs up your data and saves them for emergency uses.

24/7 Online support - SchoolOnApp’s school management system provides 24/7 online customer support for schools meaning we are always here to help you with any doubt or queries.