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school exam management software

School exam management software is very important, not just for teachers and students here. They can help to track how well students are progressing, which of them need extra help, and what kinds of future careers they might be interested in going into. Unfortunately, exam management isn’t a simple process. These days there are so many different education systems out there that the labor involved can feel overwhelming at times. Thankfully, universities and institutions out there now have the option to use an examination management system that automates and streamlines many of the potential issues related specifically when it comes down to managing exams in the university while ensuring 100% accuracy of results!

The school exam management software is designed to help schools track the various technical aspects of invigilation or examination management, including exchanging assignments between teachers/students, exam planning, creating exams and question banks as well as including their solution keys.

School exam management software is crucial when it comes to making sure that everything runs smoothly for the students. One thing we've learned from implementing this solution is that people have different ways of working. While some people prefer to work on their own, there has been a growing trend recently towards teams needing to work together in order to get things done quicker and more efficiently without the need for additional people overseas to help them out.

SchoolOnApp school examination management software

SchoolOnApp examination management system can play a key role in supporting schools. The examination management system offered by SchoolOnApp allows educators to focus on what they do best while providing support to students when they need it most.

1. Pre-Examination Activities

SchoolOnApp school exam management software for school decreases the pre-exam workload significantly. Students and teachers can quickly create question papers from any computer over a network using SchoolOnApp. As an essential part of school exam management software, SchoolOnApp increases the coordination and communication among testing personnel as well as provides a central repository for all test materials including past tests and questions used in them.

We provide question banks and give you the opportunity to write down your answers. We verify your applications before giving you a chance to take an exam. Audits of the test venues and halls are carried out by us. The room allocation for exams is done by us’ We generate the roll numbers for students on behalf of our clients and give them lists explaining who their examination partners are going to be. ​ school exam management software help in generating admit cards and hall tickets for your students according to our given requirements. Students’ attendance sheets as per requirement can be generated by our team members directly from the back-end of the system itself, keeping track of who used their admit card or not.

2. Post-Examination Activities

Using SchoolOnApp exam management software, you can manage your activities online in a matter of clicks!

Automated marking engines evaluate students in a very efficient and objective manner, which is a big help to schools. Mark sheets auto-generated and their grades collected on time are the end result of this system. The engine holds the database of teachers, students and all the scores of classes stored in such an organized way, it's very easy to pull information. Report generation helps keep track of student performance. Certification and certificate printing follows along with speed notifications via emails/SMS (if required).

Thus, the school exam management software for school enables you to tackle your entire examination workflow, from adding details about planned exams or sessions for every type of qualification (employment certifications, professional certifications up to Bachelors) to launching a public web portal for all users (students) to enroll themselves online in order to register for upcoming exams. Finally, the admin dashboard enables you directly access your most important data such as how many people at any given time are connected and how many are submitting their exam-> results. Now imagine this process moving several thousand times per day!

The MASSIVE Benefits of the
SchoolOnApp Exam Management System.

Automation Of Exam Process

This school exam management software allows students to complete and submit not just their exams, but also grade appeals in a fast and simple manner.

Time & Cost Saving

Scheduling exam periods, identifying and assigning invigilators, and creating a register of students statistically imply a considerable economic cost reduction

Accurate MIS Reports For Exams

The school administrator can now prepare all exam-related MIS reports such as students’ attendance, grades, etc. in an easier and more accurate manner with just a few clicks of the mouse.

What Makes SchoolOnApp school Exam Software Ideal For Students?

These are some of SchoolOnApp best features when it comes to their school exam management software :

1. Online and offline exam

The school ERP software gives students access to exams offered by the school. Students can sign up for upcoming tests via the school's website or mobile app.

2. Exam Timetable and Schedule

Exam applications for schools help teachers in the creation of a timetable to match up with the scores and seating plans which are easily arranged to ensure the exam process goes off without any hitches.

3. Configurable Role and Permissions

School administrations can utilize the power of role-based access control when implementing a faculty system to ensure safeguards and proper resources are in place based on each instructor's responsibilities.

4. Multi-language Support

Using the school exam management software you'll be able to select from many different languages such as German, Italian, etc. Exams can be logged in, moved around and organized easily because the system is so user friendly and easy to navigate.

5. Auto-evolution of marks

The school exam management software provides teachers the option to grade homework assignments in their own homes and track the progress of students online through its student tracking feature.

6. Multi-exam Pattern

Multiple Choice Questions: The school exam management software helps to eliminate biases by giving candidates a selection of answers with certain levels of multiple choice questions (MCQ).

Online Examination System For Marks Based And Grade Based Systems

The system is able to deal with large volumes of data in an efficient manner, backing up the information every time important changes are made. It allows for multiple users to work concurrently, Includes :

  • Students (external or ex-students)
  • School staff
  • Examination centre
  • School enrollment members
  • Examination staff and officers
  • School paper evaluators

Basic Operational Functionality Of Examination Management System :

The school exam management software is all about managing, monitoring, and tracking the performance of examination activities in schools. An invigilator (a person who keeps order during examinations) can use this system to manage his or her duties, such as exchanging assignments, planning an exam, creating exam papers, formulating question banks with their solutions, etc.


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