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PSDS (a non-profit Society)

SchoolOnApp is the first of its kind initiative by schools towards being independent of IT & Communication needs.

It is completely free to use school management ERP cum online learning management system, in the form of website and App for any educational institution.

PSDS President's message

Dr. Anuj Sharma
President PSDS
Everything about this initiative in a single video

Features video

SchoolOnApp features

Light & fast




Push notification

In-app chat

Bulk SMS

Dynamic Website

School scheduler

Syllabus progress

Transport tracking

Smart attendance

Notice board



Event calendar

Online Classes

Online assignment


ID cards

Benefits you can have with SchoolOnApp

  1. All features of SchoolOnApp are free to use forever. However, you can voluntarily donate for this initiative
  2. Any improvement suggested by someone will benefit all users, as it is a common platform.
  3. Cumulative efforts make things bigger and better, so you will always have up-to-date software.
  4. You don't need to spend extra just for being digitally enabled. Just register yourself now to make your institute digital
  5. The SchoolOnApp team is concerned for data security and continuous mitigation of cyberattacks.
  6. Now every institute can also have its own dynamic and easy to customize website for free.
  7. Free courses for teachers to enable them to use technology for efficient online education.
  8. Curated supplement digital content for the students in addition to classroom learning of institute.
  9. Guidance and tips for the profitable operation of institute with quality education to admin/directors.
  10. Get your queries answered by dedicated community members of society. Our community is one of the most engaging one.

Why this initiative has came into existence, even when many solutions already exist in the market?

As the changing of software/service is a painful task because of re-training and data migration, schools get bounded with vendors/companies even if they are getting better products/services at cheaper prices.

Some software offered by local people/companies had been closed down in the past, leaving schools helpless un-ethically. It is very easy to start a school software business today without proper knowledge of technology because of international software markets and the reduced cost of technology. That is why more people are trying this business and shuts down easily without loosing much.

Many schools had been provided free software with some kind of paid products/services (example- ID cards, Publication books, etc.). There is nothing wrong until school is satisfied with that paid product/service but once they try to get better product/service at a cheaper prices they again feel bounded because of losing/changing of free software provided by existing vendor. So, schools need to avoid such fake-free services which are not really free.

It takes much time and effort to change the backbone technology of software. Most of the software is outdated for today’s use. Many available softwares are not user-friendly and have poor data security.

It has been found that some un-ethical service providers had sold data (contact numbers) to marketing companies for different campaigns. Usually, these service providers are those who first provides services at very low cost then misuse the data to generate profits.

It is a very bad practice that some service providers charge for premium SMS service but actually provide very low-quality SMS service to generate more profit. Even some of them are providing fake SMS delivery data.
Some providers are still charging very highin spite of the drastically reduced costs of technology.

Continuous improvement

Suggest any new/missing feature or improvement, it will be implemented for all of us.


Till now we don't have single negative review.

My school is in rural area and because of the user friendly platform all the parents and students are regularly using the app. And I know this because this app provides me analytics/traffic with time and date.

The best part is interacting with their team as they are always open to ideas, sincerely hear you out and implement whatever is best for the users.

SchoolOnApp is a free online Software which also provides an App for the students or parents that is also free for users.
User support services are excellent with full care for even a small or basic problem face by any user..
Updation and improvement in the software is regular and useful for current needs of the schools, students and parents..
This provides an ever advance level of school management system...
This serves more than expectations.

It's a very good and helpful app i must say..
I use it for my school.It helps me alot for getting academic information about students, many things like attendance of students, student's marks in test,classroom activity classwork, homework etc.are easy in managing.and the most important thing about it that we can contact with parents anytime anywhere by the help of this app..parents can also get information about her child through school by this app.

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SchoolOnApp initiative has gained trust of



Schools, coachings and colleges are benefitting from this initiative 



Teachers are more efficient now with  modern technology 



Students have all information at one click and better e-learning

Our happy users across India

Letter of Commitment

You are joining a National network of educational Institutions/Schools with a common cause of technological development and extending relentless service to Educational Society. We highly value our registered users and we at PSDS are committed to invest our consistent efforts to meet their expectations. With the motto ‘For schools by schools’, Privat Schools Development Society (PSDS) has come up with an initiative for the technological development of educational institutions. As of now, PSDS had launched SchoolOnApp for the digitalization of institutions.

With this commitment letter, PSDS wish to assure you that SchoolOnApp will remain free of charge forever. All educational institutions are requested to register without any doubts and grow with us. However, there is a one-time registration fee of 250 INR for essential things.

PSDS will be thankful to you for your generous voluntary donations, to support this initiative. Your donations and your voice will help us make our services better. We hope that you, as a valued member of our community, will play an active role in this initiative. We thank you for your trust and look forward to your continuing participation as a member of the SchoolOnApp community.

With Warm Regards

Aakanksha Kaushik (Social Entrepreneur)
CEO, SchoolOnApp

Dr. Anuj Sharma (Veteran educationist, Asst. Professor)
President, PSDS

The priceless talent contribution in SchoolOnApp -

Mr. Jitendra Sharma (Engineer)
Asst. Mgr. Delhi Transco Ltd.
Ex. NTPC engineer

Mr. Shrey Kaushik (Engineer)
Software developer, LendingKart

Mr. Prashant Chandra (B.E. Mechanical, MBA Information Systems)
Chairman & managing trustee at Chandra Educational Foundation, Member, Lucknow Management Association.

Mr. Sudheer Yadav (Engineer)
Patent officer under Ministry of Commerce and industry

Dr. Amit Gautam (Ph.D., DTU)
Lecturer at KVS

Ms. Bhavna Rathore (pursuing Ph.D., IIT Kanpur)
Asst. professor, MITS, Gwalior

Mr. Dilip Kumar Sharma (M.A & L.L.B)
Advocate & Chief editor, Gambhir Chetna

Mr. Lokesh Kumar Sharma
Pursuing a Ph.D. in education

Dr. Neeraj Chauhan
Principal, Bhagwati P.G. College,
Gangapur City, Rajasthan

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