Automated Student Inquiry Management System

student inquiry management system

What is Student Inquiry Management System?

The Student Inquiry Management System is a complete information system that tracks all student information received by email or phone calls as well as through any other sources. Using the module which is known as Academics Enquiry, is best suited to record all incoming inquiries from beginning to end until they are closed and assign them to the appropriate staff for management.

This system ensures that your institution’s association will grow even more with each new one and provides quick follow-ups at every step of managing inquiries. There are various tools available in order to filter new, qualified, processed, and rejected inquiries by date, course, and academic year in this Student Information System.

Why SchoolOnApp's Student Inquiry Management System?

Why worry about making the perfect spreadsheet to organize all those prospective students who are interested in applying to your institute and the information they are sending you? Our inquiry management system will make both logging and organizing your prospective student information super easy! It helps streamline communication with them.

They'll send inquiries through the system, which makes it so you don't have to spend time searching for their email addresses later on. You just log each new inquiry as it comes in and enters all the available information about that individual student. After you've saved an inquiry, our system can remind you when it's appropriate to follow up with that potential applicant.

Built-in Student Inquiry Management system using Mobile App

SchoolOnApp provides a Mobile Application for the complete Student Inquiry management system for the schools. The mobile app can be used to raise queries by the students and teachers can use the app to resolve the inquiry or they can forward it to the concerned authority. The mobile app can be used to make follow-ups for the queries and to get the required number of conversions for your school.

Features of the Student Inquiry Management System

An inquiry management system comes with dedicated features that can help schools and students as well, the list of features SchoolOnApp offers is as follows:-
1. Easy to raise an inquiry
2.Easy to assign queries
3. Follow up the complete inquiry
4. Maintain a record of the old queries
5. Time saving and reliable
6. Access to data and opportunities.


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