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An effective student fees management system is a necessity for every educational organization given the demands today. If you're going to skimp on this vital feature, you're inviting problems that can do more harm than good. The best way to make sure your fees are easily managed is by investing in an effective and robust solution to keep all of your financial dealings under control.

We know it's not always easy for school admin to ensure that financial operations are running smoothly, but one of the easiest ways not just to make sure you don't lose money and also make sure that your customers, who in this case are students and parents, have a good experience is by creating student fees management system solution which will both enhance convenience and which is based on accuracy so they avoid any unnecessary issues at all. Financial mismanagement can leave educational organizations open to theft and corruption which we know can have adverse effects on their reputation in the long run, because if anything going seriously wrong at an educational institution of all places couldn’t possibly be good news can it?

We applaud SchoolOnApp for setting the bar higher when it comes to student fees management system software for educational institutions. Today, we are proud to say that among businesses specializing in revenue tracking services, they have risen above the competition and have become the leaders today in terms of holding true to their values and offering valuable solutions that only a premier provider can offer.

One-stop solution for Online Fees Management For Educational Institutes.

Fee Categories

A very important aspect of running an school in the present day knows what your students are spending on their education and where that money comes from. It involves managing a workflow between the academic or admissions team and the central office—usually found in accounting or finance departments.

SchoolOnApp student Fees Management System offers a solution to manage multi-dimensional complex fee models in an intuitive manner.

Also, Discounts for Students is available as a service. This includes discounts that are specifically given based on a student's academic standing, as well as general discounts given to students towards anything on the platform of the school fees management system that can be applied to any other discounting requirement.

Manage Fee Installments

Today, education is becoming increasingly vital. Parents work hard to ensure that they instill solid values and competence in their children so they can secure their future. They help them choose the right school which can offer quality education in the form of a diverse syllabus and allow them to pursue their chosen field or dream career. Institutions are realizing the importance of investing in their students’ future which is why they have introduced tuition-fee installments as an option for parents who might not be able to pay it all at once – it’s convenient for both parties involved.

Parent accounts can be set up with student fees management systems that are either automatically assigned or manually paid and in installments. Parents can choose to pay Subscription dues regularly and not just one lump sum amount. This is beneficial for families to avoid overspending and paying a large Total amount for the year (in case of full yearly payment) whereas students are only given the option to pay upfront without knowing the consequences of their choice!

School fees management system can manage their transactions digitally with the student fees management system. The digital format is ideal; students are able to pay on a monthly or quarterly basis. School fees management system can also customize the installments to fit their needs, with options for annual and half yearly installments as well.

Fee Receipt Setting

Student fees management system can be a great resource if you take even just 5 minutes to learn how to use it. With this software, student fee receipts will be easier to manage and might even bring your school more revenue in the long run!

It would be quite convenient if you could generate unique receipt numbers/traces in addition to the ones generated by default. It would make it easier for us to keep a track of all transactions easily and there wouldn't be any inconvenience to our customers (who are used to entering something similar in their books).

All Fee Reports

If you are looking for an effective tool that will allow you to access a detailed overview of the different fees your customers have paid in your booking process, SchoolOnApp ERP software is the solution. Fee reports can be produced at any time based on various payment options and other useful criteria. Besides, there are group reports where all details including collected and pending amounts as well as amounts provided as discount or refunded can be seen together.

Easiest way to know about the payment which has been made via Cheque  and track its various stages. The various stages of cheque processing such as Received, Deposited, Cleared, and Bounced/Cancelled can be generated in form of reports for specific current or previous dates.

Financial reports can help you as a school to fully assess the amount of money that is pending to be collected for your school and how you can channelize future payments from parents in a better way so that it will help you not miss any payment by the parents.

Online Payment Gateway

SchoolOnApp has an incorporated digital payment gateway student fees management system to provide holistic support so that faculty members and students of all the courses could have a reliable and effective platform. It provides a secure, safe and flexible platform to connect with your existing ERP (management) software and manage the entire transaction procedure smoothly. The facility of cashless payment is now a trend in all educational sectors which helps manage the financial resources efficiently by integrating the existing software with your student fees management system.

Schools appreciate the student fees management system provided by SchoolOnApp. Parents can now make payments sitting at home rather than travel to their children’s schools. Moreover, as parents are often required to travel extensively, this makes paying tuition fees convenient and easy when travelling elsewhere.

Student fees management system makes a lot of sense for modern business. Not only does it keep things efficient, but it also increases your chances that the customer will return. You see, if the payment process is smooth and convenient for everyone involved, or even just for half of them, then there's a good chance you'll have customers coming back to you again and again in spite of having plenty of other options.

No Interest EMI Service

As the demand for SchoolOnApp's course information is growing, more and more student fees management system providers are partnering with this product to provide rich and valuable school fees management systems in a timely manner.

Recently, our team has partnered with a reputed student fees management company to provide no interest EMI option for school fees. This means that if parents apply for this EMI option, and their credit score matches the desired parameters, they will get a credit line from the partner financial institution in order to pay the full year's school fees without any additional interest charged by the partner.


Management simplified

   +91 8896-821-821

  +91 8896-821-821 

 342, SchoolOnApp, 3rd floor, Ganpati Plaza, MI road, Jaipur - 302001 

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