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SchoolOnApp offers a cloud based Hostel management system (HMS) for paperless management of hostels. It has a Mobile App interface with an advanced submission feature that makes it easier for students to communicate their issues and fix the problem from their side.

Students on campus can make use of dormitory-style living arrangements if available. The HMS will often customize the program depending on a student's needs. When recording some information like room details, specific optional fields can be used to add additional information that is useful depending on the school preferences. For example, in our school software, it's possible to set room rates for different kinds of rooms like 2-bedroom vs 3-bedroom vs larger at prices that make sense based on supply and demand for those exact types of housing options.

The warden/administrator can keep safe any amount deposited by the parent for his/her child’s personal use in an individual student wallet and can be used when and if required for the student’s need. The students can withdraw any available amount with the permission of the warden and the Parent will be notified of all the withdrawals every time with a justification.

Hostel Management System can generate reports and look at any data individually or per a certain hostel/wing/floor/room. Those reports can be quickly generated into one easy to read and understand piece of information that's easily accessible by anyone who needs it.

Hostel Management system with visitor management and hostel attendance

  • Online campus recruitment system where student information is hosted and shared online.
  • Inventory management Manage inventory purchase records, stocks with allocation details.
  • HMS Manage hostel fees and any other finance-related data like expenses!
  • Hostel Fees: Manage all your associated hostel fees for the entire project duration. Typically, most of the fee deadlines are due within the first four weeks from the day your project is funded on Kick starter.

The Most Efficient Hostel Management System For All Types Of Schools.

Checking the room availability, allocating room to new students, and Hostel Management System is a time-consuming process for the school authorities. It requires running around to verify the exact number of residents in each section on a regular basis. In other words, it requires an individual to be present in different sections at staggered timings throughout the day. Considering all these factors and keeping in mind that student security can only be maintained by closely monitoring daily activities of individuals staying on campus grounds, installing CCTV cameras at various locations including corridors, staircases and staff quarters shall streamline and facilitate the overall procedure with positive results.

The Hostel Management System is designed to manage many hostel experiences including novitiate inspections, tramet reports, and more. It's used to create accurate monthly mess bills as well as handle hostel staff payroll. This system also streamlines tasks like student applications and generates tamting communications.

Hostel Management System is Designed and developed by keeping in mind all the problems of a hostel management, SchoolOnApp has successfully made it possible for students to enjoy their stay by ensuring that all systems are automated. From students' registration to allocating rooms and managing mess, taking care of student count records, and ins-and-outs of students, our Hostel Management System has streamlined all the day-to-day activities.

It also ensures the following details to be fed for effective management

It's important to know what your expectations are when booking a place to stay. Generally, hostels come with their own bathroom facilities or they'll have public ones around the area of the hostel itself. Some have kitchens too, but that isn't something you should necessarily count on getting - so maybe it's not something worth looking forward to if you're planning some recipes to cook up!

Cleaning is a part of any hostel owner’s responsibilities.

Hostel management systems in a school's hostels would benefit from being issued a student ID card which includes their photo and birth era.

It's always chaotic at this time of year, but don't stress. We are here to assist you in securing a hostel room and sharing with your friends under tight restrictions. Our top priority is to guide you through the process and keep the messes tidy. In one word, we are here to help!

Financial accounting can be managed by the hostel management system. Cash, banks, JV entries, ledgers, trial balances, final accounts and reports can be registered. Hostel stores handle stock and purchases of goods needed for effective running of hostels.

Benefits of Hostel Management system

Hostel Management System offers several advantages, including the following:

  • After analyzing hostel application forms, this system instructs staff on the students' room delegations. This results in systematic control over the hostel process.
  • Centralized Student Data Management for Hostels Campuses.
  • Since we know that your students will spend a lot of time using the hostel facilities, it's vital to keep tabs on the times they come and go so that you can keep their safety in mind. You also have to make sure they aren't sneaking out at night in order to avoid any security issues while they are staying with you. When we talk about knowing who is coming and going, it's just as important to get to know each student's visitors as well so that you can be certain anyone visiting is safe and sound. Students may also find it useful knowing when someone else is arriving when they themselves have gotten there or if someone else has already left for home by Hostel Management System for example. It's not just about keeping track of who comes into the building but how long each of them stays so that you'll be able to provide any necessary guidance or resources during this time in their lives!

Hostel Reports

The hostel staff & authorities can generate the following reports with the Hostel Management System.

As a student, you have to live in a hostel and attend a school. You have to follow several rules and routines like getting an ID Card or a Hostel Certificate. But there is more to it than meets the eye! And one has to stay updated on round the clock welfare. So you need some information about the hostels that will go into taking care of your welfare at all times which can be easily obtained from your students complete information, dues & refunds reports and many other sources as well as an attendance report are musts which all tell their own story with no way of ignoring them, even if you wanted to.


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