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homework and assignment management

Assignments are an essential part of academic life. It has the ability to make a significant difference in students’ internal grades. If your teachers or supporting staff are worried about how to handle these valuable assignments for every subject, class, and student, then relieve them by offering the featured SchoolOnApp Assignment Management System!

If your teachers are stressed, you could help them by providing a solution for their most challenging tasks including the management of assignments. During a period of rapid evolution, more and more students are learning in several formats that include blended as well as fully-online courses. And during this time when changes in teaching methods have yielded more focus on digital platforms for efficient assignment management like Assignment Management System, it's time to strike a balance between being both highly organized and supportive.

The Assignment Management System monitors the progress of learners in school since numerous things like completing assignments, attending classes consistently and improving overall grades directly affect their qualification. Studying along with exams means that you have to balance your studies and live a social life. If you’re looking for some good Assignment management system or app, better grading combined with a student monitoring system can eliminate risks of losing important documents like assignments and monitor whether they are ensuring the expected progress through self-assessments on a regular basis.

As a teacher, one of the biggest problems you'll face will be making as many different assignments for as large a number of students as possible without becoming overwhelmed by the workload. We suggest that you to check our homework or assignment section because it includes an easy assignment creation feature which can automate part of the process of the Assignment Management System. 

It's a common complaint of many parents that their assignments aren't properly graded by their teachers as they run out of time. Thankfully SchoolOnApp, as the leading student management software company.

Encourage your teachers to evaluate students through a better student assignment management system that will allow them to properly assess their students. Accuracy and efficiency should be the main points of focus when organizing assignments, tests, and evaluations.

Key Features of Student Homework and Assignment Management System

  • Students can submit assignments according to the end date of the academic year which will make their lives easier by managing their untiring day-to-day workload easily.
  • Assignments can be provided by the teacher for different classes according to their subjects. And students can complete the assignment in a single click with the help of a mobile application.
  • Multiple Attachments are Available This student assignment management system can attach a wide array of file types to each assignment by students such as PDFs, Word docs, images and many other types of files.
  • The Project Tracker allows teachers to mark the status of each project from their end, so the complete status of each project can easily be tracked.
  • The interface of the Student Assignment Management System is friendly in a way that it's not difficult to navigate around. With an intuitive design, students and teachers are able to access their data without any trouble.
  • When a student is approved to take on an assignment, the instructor can then assign that assignment for the student. The teacher usually needs management approval in order to give out any required assignments.

benefits of Student Assignment Management System

  • Your app should be both accessible and engaging as possible, to ensure that your employees/customers can access the information they need when they need it most.
  • Assign the homework to include a mobile app which is subject wise.
  • Remember that you can filter assignments by project, due date and various other parameters via our mobile app.
  • Attachments needed from multiple perspectives i.e. PDF, Word, Jpeg etc.
  • Create multiple tasks for multiple classes on a single click.
  • For those with a limited amount of time, Quick assigning allows you to assign in a time range.

Online & offline assessments

SchoolOnApp cutting-edge online Assignment management system has workflow automation that supports all kinds of assessments creation, such as online, offline, competency-based, rubrics-based and outcome-based assessment.
SchoolOnApp Assignment management system is a software created for schools to plan and design assessments of their choice, run from any device, and instantly assess followed by real-time analysis of student performance data. The assessment pattern mapping with question papers provides another dimension to measure the efficiency of a student!

Catered to Everyone's needs

Students - Online Assignment management system can be streamlined to work on mobile devices. Once you have taken an assessment, whether it's a final exam or a personality test, you will instantly receive your results online.

Faculty - Dashboard views keep students in check by keeping them on task towards their education goals. This ultimately benefits teachers and parents knowing that their children are on the right track as well.

Management - Gain vigilance over the students' progress and forms of assessment; gives you a chance to measure their progress and be able to reflect on ways to improve, amend your plans accordingly, and ensure that all learning outcomes will be met in time for any accreditations.

                                    SchoolOnApp has proven to be invaluable towards our continuous improvement initiatives pertaining to Assurance of Learning. SchoolOnApp allows us to map each assessment component with its corresponding Learning Outcome, thus making it much easier for us to identify areas in which we are doing well as well as where we need more effort and attention. We can also see at a glance how many students have attained the “Design” level of each outcome because this information is recorded automatically in title and subtitle fields for each student's records. This allows SchoolOnApp users including course administrators, teachers, coordinators and designers, technical support personnel and students themselves to easily see what needs attention in their programs based on the Design Outcomes-specific data and activities that need completion.


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