SchoolOnApp Partner Program

"Let's join hands together and build a world class community which offers institute ERP, mobile app and hardware integration, that too in a affordable price range !

Why you should partner with SchoolOnApp

SchoolOnApp is the ed-tech product designed for school management and operations. It offers cloud-based solutions aimed at helping educational organizations go digital through new age smart solutions via mobile app and website. There are globe spanning schools on the lookout for such systems and we have fashioned a product to supplement their efforts in this regard given that we see a sizable market opportunity in this avenue.

What's the partnership program?

We believe we can go far when we all go together. Our team is full of individuals who are very talented in their fields of expertise. Because there are so many people, as a whole we can make a significant impact on the educational industry. However, one piece that still needs to be added to our professional puzzle is an official sales team and therefore, we have initiated an individual partnership program where professionals or small enterprises become virtual members of the team (because team spirit never hurts). Essentially, these partners contribute to raising brand awareness by helping us get the word out through various marketing campaigns, ultimately hoping to teach more students while also boosting their reputation throughout our community. We have three partnership options: 1. Referral partner 2. Strategic Partner

Referral partner:

This partnership option is for those who have connections in the education domain, but don’t have enough time to go out and generate as many leads as they can. The referral partner can leverage their connections and find potential leads to promote SchoolOnApp. Our internal sales team will approach these leads generated by the referral partner once they are contacted. All the leads shared by the referral partner will be approached by our dedicated sales team, who will then move forward with closing deals after reaching out to them! Once there is a successful business deal done, the referral partner gets their revenue share on the same.

Channel partner:

This partnership is for educational service providers who are interested in increasing their revenue and credibility via SchoolOnApp School Management Software. We will share with our partner ('' you '') all of the product training and critical business knowledge it takes to successfully fill these new customer databases directly via your own customized apps while maintaining a healthy, recurring revenue stream. Channel partners can target a reasonable number of customers to sign up in a year and have a solid foothold in their business. SchoolOnApp provides dedicated sales professionals who will support them as they nurture their business. In the initial phase of business growth, SchoolOnApp sales professionals use their marketing and communication skills to create a strategy with potential strategic partners that would work well in their local markets. They use remote demonstrations to help potential customers see the value of our products or services. During this phase, sales professionals also assist strategic partners in negotiating our pricing based on specific customer needs. After strategic partners become experienced with our product line and confirming it meets their requirements, they are able to leverage our digital presence to grow their customer base.

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