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In today's time, educational institutions all over the world require a solution that better manages their students, faculty, administrators, and other resources that are crucial in achieving an institution’s vision and goals, The SchoolOnApp School management system or which is called as school management software is fully capable of handling the workload related to the school management activities, thus making them run more smoothly. In addition, it streamlines major functionalities such as fee collection, academic timetable scheduling, results declaration, annual meets, and various other events. With the help of new-age Software, school administrators can focus on productive activities like increasing the student enrollment ratio, embedding new ways of learning.

SchoolOnApp provides an easy-to-use school management software that allows schools to gain more control over their resources while enhancing communication between staffers everywhere with its advanced features.

The importance of school management software

We understand that administrative and managerial activities in an educational institution can be time-consuming and tiring. While handling day-to-day tasks you have to take care of not only teachers, but students too, it's vital that all members of the institution are always on the same page no matter what. The best way to ensure this happens is by using a school management system software that will assist you from online admissions to daily task management, rewarding students as well as keeping top-notch track records for teachers.

The User-based portal facilities:

1.The Principal -
Using the principal communication tool, the principal or head of the school can check on all the different aspects of a school’s activities — from information about students, to class schedules and calendar events. They can reach out to parents, teachers, and other staff members, who have access to the same centralized platform.

2. Teachers -
The teacher portal, a virtual tool used by teachers to build camaraderie with parents while fostering better peer-to-peer communication, is linked with our online school ERP. It is designed to cater to the needs of the schools associated with various Indian boards of education like CBSE and other state boards. The specially designed portal lets teachers’ post-event information and circulars which helps them connect with parents. Teachers can also access student information, their results and coordinate with parents, among others. The inbuilt SMS and notification facility bridges the teacher-parent communication gap. Teachers can communicate with parents and can send remarks, assignments, and any other important piece of information without meeting them in person. It makes communication much faster, more efficient, and hassle-free.

3. Administration -
Schools use a management portal to collaborate when it comes to communicating with parents, tracking the progress of students that have been enrolled for a longer period of time. The school will be able to see the academic assessment scores and other details related to the student without having any need of packaging or repackaging information from one location or another.

4. Parents -
Designed to work with our online ERP, the parent portal is a central hub for parent-teacher interaction. It serves as a single point of reference for parents and enables them to access all relevant information about their child's day-to-day activities. Key features include tracking school events, managing attendance, viewing assignment status and submission details, submitting remarks on conduct, updating student profiles, and enrolling in additional programs.

5. Students -
Our student portal is designed to maintain results, records, and various student-related information, the student can access the information from anywhere, be it homework, assessments, or their results, using free school software management system students can raise queries, ask doubts, check their daily time table and can share various study notes with their classmates.
Students can also check the notices and curriculum related to the upcoming cultural events, sports activities, nominations, etc. 

Benefits of using school management software

Online admission - With the provided online School ERP system, parents can fill out the online form and can complete the online admission process from around the world. If needed parents can also submit any required documents or can download the document with a click.

Attendance record - The SchoolOnApps’s ERP system enables users to check the attendance of their ward from their home. The system notifies the parents if the student is abstained from school or has not reached school at all, with the school ERP software parents can submit the leave application, without being physically present in the school.

Cloud-based storage - The data in the school ERP is stored on the latest highly secure cloud server, which enables users to access data from anywhere around the world, cloud-based ERP system reduced the paper and pen work, thus acts as a cost saver.

Fees management - SchoolonApp’s integrated fees management system lets parents deposit fees using an online medium and directly reflects on the ERP system, also parents can choose from provided easy EMI options and get notifications for the due fees, late payments.

School bus tracking using GPS - All the school transport vehicles like buses, cabs, etc. can be integrated Into the School ERP system software using a GPS system and can easily be tracked by parents and school administration, with the smart notification system parents gets an instant notification on safely reaching schools.

Hotel and Library management - School administration can easily manage library and hostel using smart ERP
system, library cards can be integrated with the school ERP system and can keep the track of the issued books, the due date for book deposit, and the number of books issued per card. With the hostel card, parents can request hostel leaves and deposit fees online.

Academic scheduler and planner - With the help of our school management software ERP system teachers and administrative staff can plan exam dates, cultural and sports events. This helps in reducing efforts and connecting parents and teachers for the upcoming events.

Staff payroll management - The Payroll management system not only helps schools in paying teaching and non-teaching staff but also helps in tracking expenses for the schools which then helps in paying taxes and EPFO filings.

Results and report cards - Our exam & results module facilitates the creation of report cards that adhere to school guidelines, thus making future communication easier. Report cards can be viewed via a mobile phone, which reduces the need for parents to travel unnecessarily. Furthermore, an in-depth analysis will give key insight into strengths and weaknesses for students.

Data backup and Security - The school ERP software uses an encrypted method to transfer data between the server and school devices, all the data is stored in a highly secured cloud storage which can be accessed by authorized staff only. The ERP system also keeps an automatic data backup system that backs up your data and saves them for emergency uses.

24/7 Online support - SchoolOnApp’s school management system provides 24/7 online customer support for schools meaning we are always here to help you with any doubt or queries.

The best in class features for the school management system - SchoolOnApp

  • No per student pricing - Now you don’t need to worry about per-student pricing like others. 100 or 10,000 students make no difference.
  • Maintain multiple accounts at no cost - Do you want to maintain your finance in a separate account? You can do it free of cost with SchoolOnApp only.
  • Easy Exit plan - We don’t close your account even if you don’t want to continue, so you don’t need to worry about the previous year’s data.
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Examination Management

  • manage all exams/class tests
  • easily notify students & parents through SMS or app notification
  • generate admit cards on one click
  • analyze exam results with optimized reports & graphs 

Attendance Management

  • daily student's attendance with present-absent-leave management
  • various attendance reports for quick analysis
  • QR-code attendance for faculty and students
  • notify absent student's guardian


  • All in one accounting management 
  • user wise ledger and expense/income reports
  • maintain cheque-book digitally
  • all credit and debit entry in your digital passbook

User Profile Directory in App

  • get all profile data of student and staff
  • offline supported
  • search user based on name or mobile and get full details anywhere

Admission Inquiry

  • managing all student enquirires
  • get enquiry report analysis
  • create enquiry follow up till admission of student


  • notify users with different filters
  • send personalized custom message 
  • SMS & WhatsApp message from excel file and typed numbers


  • assign task to staff with liability 
  • track the status of assigned tasks
  • evaluate staff performance at the end of session based on completed tasks


  • manage events that matters you for staff and whole institute
  • manage holidays for no-attendance days
  • auto notify users

Fees Management

  • implement any pattern (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly)
  • ready to use fee templates of classes for quick fee allotment 
  • unlimited fee heads and many collection modes
  • manage student level discounts
  • auto penalty calculation and many more features


  • offline & online assignments with attachment
  • extra curricular activities
  • online group study
  • digital study material (video, pdf, image)


  • flexible salary head options (fixed, attendance based, salary dependent) 
  • auto calculation of salary considering absents and approved leaves
  • linked with accounting system


  • enable/disable users of app access
  • detailed profile to see all required data at single place 
  • personal record with hide option
  • role based and discrete permission and much more


  • create any kind of document for a student or whole class
  • highly customizable
  • use familiar ms-word templates
  • generate QR-code for user's profile


  • track the app use duration with date and time of students and parents
  • filter on various parameters (actions taken in the app)
  • get class wise activity at a glance


  • manage all the vehicles your own or on rent 
  • manage different routes with fare
  • assign staff (max three) to routes with three roles
  • auto apply transport fee to students


  • manage issued and on-shelf books record
  • auto reminder of due date to users
  • auto apply fine
  • inventory report


  • manage rooms status (occupied/vacant)
  • multiple occupancy 
  • auto apply charges in fee
  • manage mess separately and the charges 
  • daily attendance and report


  • comprehensive inventory report
  • audit transactions any time
  • and many more

Integration & Add ons

  • SMS
  • Attendance Machine
  • Payment Gateway
  • GPS Tracking
  • Voice Call Credits
  • Automatic Bell
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